What Becomes of The Broken-Hearted

Temptation is a powerful drug. It comes at us from all angles. It is our desire to have these things in which we are told we cannot have. I might let in a little desire here and there, what can it hurt? And that is how it all began.

Slowly, the drug use crept into my life. If someone else didn’t make excuses for my behavior, I did. See, it was being managed by a doctor. So it had to be OK.

Without warning, it became like trying to close a door during a hurricane.

Satan knows what entices us and where to knock us to our knees in the face of our tears of shame and regrets. He comes in adorned in his beauty, in such a way with his smooth talking to get his way.

Life passes on moment by moment leaving us to cypher out the resemblance of our so-called life.

Morning comes—I did it again. On my knees, I cry out, “Why Father?” I wonder if God can even hear me. I wonder if He is even here anymore. How could He be? I would have given up on me long ago. These are the voices I keep hearing.

Days become months, months become years. I was too tired of trying.

Eventually, I was so weary — I gave up! (Psalm 51:17)

It was then I believe I heard God boldly say, “Finally. I have you where I want you.”

I had been standing in the way…

and God had been waiting to wrap up my Broken-Heart…

Beautifully Awkward

One Response to “What Becomes of The Broken-Hearted”

  1. Yes, we always tend to get in His way, we have to move out of the way, for the healing to begin.

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