ThE LiLy pAd



The life of the frog seems pretty benign. He lives hopping from one lily pad to another, may even occasionally drinks of the water below. The frog deliberately avoids the deep waters beneath remaining vigilantly on the surface.  

Who knows… maybe he is awaiting his princess… that never comes…day after day… for she awaits his call in the depthless places he will never travel.  

I too have (and still do–at times) existed by remaining only on the surface. Playing, laughing, crying and well just living the life of the frog. I have avoided the deep immersion at “all cost.” To plunge into the deepness of who I had become and how I got there would mean to surrender my control (which I really never had to begin with) and turn briefly around to face a past, my past, and yes even embrace it– otherwise, I might never understand its impact nor the gratitude of where I stand today .  

To plunge into the deepest waters of my past will not only allow me to say good-bye, but to also surrender it to my Papa and leave it where it needs to be–at the Wooden Cross.  

Ironically, to give me control back–in my life!  

To be free would allow me–as one small frog to jump into the deepest places of my heart where I might find my Prince. (Isaiah 9:6)  

Beautifully Awkward  

One Response to “ThE LiLy pAd”

  1. Jump sister, jump. I love you.

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