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Facing My Giants

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on August 23, 2010 by Her Broken Wing
Kicking the drugs has been the easy part…comparatively. I have found after months and months of sobriety the real work has just begun. And this transformation is hard and agonizing work!   


Getting to the depths of my heart and soul is a painstaking process. I have found myself coming up with every single excuse so that I might avoid sitting down and facing my Giants (my past) and that I might assess how I got to this place of quicksand I am stuck in today. Hoping that I not dwell in my past but that I might surrender it and move on–something I have yet to do. Praying one day, the Giants will fall one by one, allowing me to finally turn it over to God and give Him the glory for this life — My Story. 


Sounds easy enough?   


But I have taken my pen and paper, looked at it, caressed it to only drop it with lingering regret. I have circled the paper to only walk away in great fear. I have lived a life of avoidance not only to this process but my existence as well. 

Reminding me of a time when I was in labor with my child and there were complications. I cried out, “I don’t want to do this anymore,” the nurse plainly stated, “You don’t have a choice honey.”    

 Today–is much like the time giving birth, I don’t have a choice now, I must move on to a new beginning–new life.    

  “…He is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)    

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