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The Face In The Crowd

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I passed you the other day on the street,,, you were quietly working, concentrating and really not paying much attention to the world around you. You didn’t see me looking at you. I wondered what you were thinking. Were you living with tremendous regret? Do you cry at night when no one’s around?  

Before today, I never thought twice about who you were–really. My life was different then.  

Street duty, again I thought as I drove by you. It’s a 100 degrees in the southern humidity today and rising. South Georgia is like that…Nats…I would die in this heart. I wondered how you were managing it.  

Before today, you would have been home with your family sipping something cold to drink. You would be flipping through the remote control trying to decide what to watch on TV. Maybe you would even take a nap sitting under the cool air conditioning.  

My mind continues to wonder–maybe as a child, we played on the streets together, kickball, I would guess. This is where all the kids would meet up and play without a care in the world.  

Or was it where you pushed me higher and higher on the swing? Were we best friends?  

Before today, you were just another face in the crowd. But now, you are someone who I pass and pause and wonder. For you represent something deep within a place I care to not go. I can’t face who I have become.  

Push me higher…I could hear the voice…  

But someone made you real the other day…  

I met your wife the other day…she told me all about you…. How you love the kids…and you were good to her… you just made a bad decision… you aren’t a bad person…you are someone.  

I thought about all this as I drove by you. And as I gazed out the window, I saw your face in the crowd of others. You are someone with a past and someone with a future. It was just one bad decision that caused you to end up here.  

This could have been me.  

This could be any of us.  

Fate, choice, destiny or our journey…. It’s just funny like that.  

Maybe from where we are now… someone else sees us the same way, we too could be just another face in the crowd as they gaze from their window…  

Beautifully Awkward  


Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mother’s Day…

May this year bring hope, grace and mercy to all those struggling… let there be a new life discovered in you this year…one filled with love…may you rekindle relationships with children… parents…and ……!

God Bless…..Beautifully Awkward...

Signed By God

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I have made some really dumb decisions over the past years. However, most of the decisions I have made in my life have been based on my security scale rating for that day. I can tell you it has never been very high.  If I was feeling rather low (which was most days), my choice in any matter, would tend to run on the self-destructive side. The result was either me trying to sweep the left over crumbs of my behavior under the rug or just pretend the situation never occurred.  Out of sight, out of mind!!

It really took most my life to figure out that my poor decisions equaled the level of my insecurity, thus, causing total misery. Early on in my drug use, I made every attempt to stop.  Every morning when I woke up it was the same conversation with God. I promise to do better. And I did mean it– But as the years rolled by, I eventually quit trying. Why bother, it was the same story every morning. Shame had overtaken me. I fell deeper and deeper into depression.

Once I quit trying, I realized this only compounded my wretchedness. I could no longer see God’s face. I was too ashamed of myself and what He thought of me.(I did not know He could still see my face. I was like the small child closing their eyes so their parents could not see them. I was no different.)

I have heard it said ( I believe Beth Moore), “Pain is easier than purposelessness.” I understand this now. I had lost my purpose in life…

I was no longer a wife to truly speak of…I was no longer managing our home. I slept too much.

I was a terrible parent. I was missing my children s functions at school while they are so young.

My identity as a nurse was gone.

Everything I knew… was gone.

I was no longer fearful of any type of pain… In a sick sense, I felt I deserved it. When I got sick or hurt, I welcomed it and I challenged it because I felt like it was warranted as my punishment.

So now that I am on a journey of healing, I am better but I still have days that I struggle with the security scales… I have days that I base my acceptance of how others receive and perceive me.  I am still learning to turn this over to God and leave it in His lap… for good.

I have to understand that those around me are on their own journeys and however I may have hurt them in the past or that it may have nothing to do with me,it may just take time. I have a tendency to want things back to normal….a sap. But then do I really? For to go back to where I was, would mean death.

So today, I come as a blank slate before God…. I let Him write my life with His words…

In the Hands of God

Beautifully Awkward

Beautifully Awkward

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I remember when I was in my twenties; I walked out of the church and for absolutely no apparent reason fell flat on my face. It felt like I was in one of those cartoons and I was going down in slow motion. When I hit the ground, all I could think of was–Did anyone see me! Let’s face it—I was never given the gift of grace in a physical sense at least.

Years later, I was running with some friends and as I went to kick a rock, I missed the rock, went flying into the air and twisted my ankle, again—not very graceful. My friends pulled me aside into a pile of leaves while they went to get the car, little did they know they left me in a bed of ants.

Oh, my stories are endless.

Unfortunately the humor eventually began to fade. These past few years when I began to have more and more car accidents (fender benders mostly), my family just assumed it was my typical lack of grace. We laughed it off initially.  But in time, my husband began to get concerned and he started probing into my stories, just not too deep. I think he was afraid of what he might find. And I was not going to tell him. I’m not sure I could.

One night a show came on called Intervention. It was about drug-addicts and helping them come clean. The husband on the show discussed how many car accidents his wife had recently had and how he believed her stories in the beginning.  She tried to pass the accidents off as being distracted with the children. For a while, he bought into her stories.

My husband watched the show intently.    I… Held…My… Breath.

I will never forget the look on my husband’s face. I knew then he knew. It wasn’t long after that before everything about my nightmarish life came bursting forth from the darkness (Eph. 5:8-14). And I have never seen such a horrendous obsession destroy someone –who had everything– in such an unbelievable force and swiftness. It left me breathless.

And I was down for the count. I had fallen from grace. I was as awkward as the day I fell in front of hundreds at church .

And now, I wondered—did anyone see me fall!

And then as I was as low as I could go, I looked up, and there were these beautiful hands reaching for me…And I heard Him whisper– Beautifully Awkward –you are my daughter.

Given a new grace…I have come to love myself so that I may now love you.

Beautifully Awkward