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The Peeled Onion

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on July 24, 2010 by Her Broken Wing

My Journey–began the day I was born– From the very first touch of my momma’s arms and my daddy’s gaze, to today with every passing stranger’s glance. My life is eternal in that I will not perfect this walk until I stand before my Lord in His Holy presence.

I was talking to my sponsor today about things I am working on in my life that drove me to the disparity of drugs and she said, “This will be like peeling back an onion-layer by layer.” Each layer I will hand over to Abba.

Layer by layer–every layer of doubt and confusion, every layer of old beliefs, every layer of emotions, disappointments, hurt, resentment, discontent, loneliness and despondency. Until I reach the center of the onion–where the sweetness of the fruit is. It is the center of my heartbeat– my life.

How do I separate my heart from the throbbing, undulating emotions that force me into this giant roller-coaster ride called–life? Life where there is inconsiderate and sometimes downright mean actions against me?

I don’t.

Because this is where the middle of our soul, the heartbeat of our center of being is –where the “quiet and confidant” will shine for His glory.

If it were not for the outside circumstances bruising my tender skin, I may never have peeled and removed  each layer to get to that sweet precious center– to the place where my Lord awaits me.

For this is the journey I was called to…not that I would fall but that I would rise up again and bring glory to Him.

“O God, my heart is quiet and confident. No wonder I can sing Your praises…” Psalm 57:7

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