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New Year

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Well, it is almost that time again… time to celebrate another birthday… My second year sober. I can’t believe it. Who would have thought?

I don’t take these special dates for granted anymore, heck I don’t take each day for granted. I rise up each morning shouting praise to my Lord. For it is because of Him that I am clean and sober.

so thank you for sharing my journey….

and remember it just …

Simply is

Beautifully Awkward

Happy Birthday

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 Today I have been sober for one year. I cried all the way to work this morning. This is no less than a miracle for me.

Somewhere down the road this past year, I had began to let go of the tight control I had on my life (which  ironically I had no control of) and handed it over to God. Subtly, I realized I was giving God all areas of my life– even the small things.

I have come to believe in a power greater than I.

My Jesus

Beautifully Awkward