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What Will Your Christmas Tree Whisper

Posted in Uncategorized on November 14, 2022 by Her Broken Wing

What story does your Christmas tree tell?

The whisper of the Tree

From little hands, the gifts of a child. Broken macaroni to broken legged gingerbread men. “To mommy and daddy with love from our child.” This home established in 1994. First Christmas 1984, 1987 or 1995. Gifts from our childrens school years.

Our tree whispers giggles of our children up way too early Christmas morning running to see if Santa ate his cookies or did Santa come. The tree sees and hears everything.

It sees all the love poured into the last minute assembling of a toy as we try to put together in frustration (yes) with love and excitement. Oh to see their face!

It sees the excitement between our own surprise gifts to each other. Wee early mornings in the still darkness of the day.

Yes, our trees tells many stores but if you are in our house embrace the love, listen to the whispers but many stories are sacred to the family.

And yes our tree is dusted off early as we are one of those!!! But after all memories have started!!!

Get ready for another season of memories because of our gifts poured out because of Jesus Christ.