In the midst of horrific pain,we, in the darkest part of our souls, try to grasp just a piece of the pain as if to take away their agony. But really we are too scared. What if that were me? We are vulnerable. It is just too dark.

Truly, we cannot take away the pain. It’s too immense of an emotion that no one can even sense what that person really feels.

Oh, we want to do something…anything! But it doesn’t work that way.

We can’t begin to understand even a minuscule of their emotion. Nor do we really want to. To see that kind of pain is just too much and we turn away.

But then it transpires. Courage. Prayer. Love. And most of all, God.

God didn’t do this but we blame him. It just happened. Nonetheless, His shoulders are big enough to handle the sorrow. We don’t know why this took place, this day, this time. But He is the only one that can mend the spirit. Bring us back to a new “normal.” Life has changed course.

Human touch. Slowly but it does happen.

The light in our darkness.

A memory.

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