Hey guys been awhile!

I have 12 years clean and sober. Life has been a journey. I mean like really.

I still attend AA faithfully. I have worked the 12 steps numerous times (not that i want to)! But i develop resentments as life goes on. people, things, places but mostly people.

Even though I attend AA this has become more of a God thing to work through. (Mark 11:25)

Recently, my doctor told me of all the things i should do to improve my health. I felt cared for. Why is it he can make suggestions but when my spouse does, I blow up in flames? ”They” say don’t sweat the small stuff but I do. And those small things build on top of each other like a skyscraper!

I have one right now. But the more I think about it, it is not him. It is me. He’s a godly man but pisses me off. yes Connie, look in the mirror.

Resentment robs me of my life life’s choices. it really robs me of peace and serenity. When i choose to be free, i can love. A Godly love.

Its all about forgiveness. And that my friends is all about serenity.

Later. ❤️

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