Parting of the Red Sea

Billy Graham
The Legend

Estimating he reached over 150 million people with the Word of Christ

I was a little girl when I first learned of Billy Graham and actually saw him in person. My (older than me but not by much) uncle grabbed me by the hand and took me down to the “altar”. We professed our faith, or he did. I didn’t know what to think of all of it. Today I look back and I am sad that I didn’t realize the huge privilege that had been given to me. I do now.

As I got older, my grandmother would have the TV turned to Billy Graham. I would sit with her but I did not know what was happening on TV. Those times, those moments with my grandma, a time in eternity, I look back and I am sad that I didn’t realize the huge privilege that had been given to me. I do now.

My grandma is gone. I can still hear her voice. I see her face in my dreams. As I do now, with my father. He ,too, is gone. Sometimes in my dreams, I can hear him say “Connie”only the way he could. Today though, I look back and I am sad that I didn’t realize the huge privilege they had in my life. I do now.

Life before addiction. I wished I could remember. I wish I could do  my Life over again, with my children, before the drugs stole (or weren’t removing from my memory) the precious things, the important things. I wished I had listened to my dad. “Connie, be careful…” I thought that will never happen to me. I was a cowboy thinking I could play with fire, one more… Today though, I look back and I am sad that I didn’t realize the huge privilege that had been given to me before drugs.  I do now.

Christ rescued me. I am sober today only because of Him. Prayers. Prayers face down. I was at my bottom and Jesus rescued me. He parted the Red Sea. Today, I look back and I am happy that I did realize the huge privilege that had been given to me. I did then, I do now.

Christ loved me then, He does now.

And we cry, Abba!

3 Responses to “Parting of the Red Sea”

  1. Good Morning, sweet friend. I randomly came across your beautiful image of God parting the sea for a woman walking on her Exodus path, following God’s plan for her life. As I study the book of Exodus, I am so I intrigued by Google images of the actual places where these events took place…hence how I stumbled upon your story. I praying for you and your sobriety in Him – may you stay committed to the Exodus, to God’s plan and purpose for your life. What a blessing that you were surrounded by a family of believers that were no doubt praying for you and your future. I wanted to share what I just read in Exodus 13:17-18 about the route of the Exodus that God chose for his children. God led his children NOT along the nearby road that was the easier and more familiar path for He said, “The people will change their minds and return to Egypt if they face war.” So INSTEAD God led the people around the sea along the road of the WILDERNESS. God purposely picked a path for the lives that led them to a time of confusion and unfamiliar territory, practically looked like they were lost (to the outsiders looking on). But they weren’t at all. This was all part of God’s plan – using this path for His glory. I think the same is true for me AND YOU. God didn’t take us on the easiest path, in fact it was hard, confusing, full of trials and bad choices. But God is going to use our path through this wilderness for His glory! For us to share our journey and make Him known to others who are still lost! Just like Billy Graham, God will use us to reach so many others whether through your blog or prayer or wherever, even if its 1 lost soul that comes to know Him or +150 million. Grace & Peace to you today and always! Praise God for your sobriety and salvation!

    • Her Broken Wing Says:

      Hi. I am sooooo very sorry that I am responding basically a year later. I have been off my blog but trying to get back on. Your words are power. Makes me think of God loves us too much to leave us where we are. Also, God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves.
      Thank you so much for your response and stopping by. I will try to get something posted.

  2. Her Broken Wing Says:

    Im so sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for your words. I am so glad I heard His call. Always been there, i just didn’t listen. Im grateful to be in the land of milk and honey.
    Thank you for stopping by.

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