Who Would Have Thought?


It’s been 4 1/2 years now… I have been through hell and back… the funny thing is, I remember saying, “if I just get clean…” I thought to myself, life would be easy peasy… boy was I wrong. that was the easy part… life has been hard … finding out why I did (do) what I do. Going back in time and undoing the hard stuff that has happened in my life. What is the saying, “Life isn’t for sissy’s?” yea I get that now.

So, through my constant battle of staying sober, clean, and battling an eating disorder … I am proud no grateful to say, I am clean, sober … and here and now working with those with the same afflictions. I am using my nursing degree to work in the mental health field.

I have spent the last 3 years working in an area I was pretty much miserable in. But saying that, grateful for that opportunity to learn something and meet new people. Yes, through all this, I am learning gratitude.

I had pretty much came to the point I needed to move on but didn’t know how. So… God did for me what I could not do for myself. Oh yes, I had moments of uncertainty, insecurity, worry and all that. But I surrendered it all and God just showed up… amazingly. As HE ALWAYS DOES…

I would like to say life is perfect now… It is not. I am going through a lot as we speak. But I trust God has my back. so I will not look back… Only forward to the goal ahead. (Phill 3:14)

So… who would have thought… today, I’d be here….and you’d be here..

Much love, Connie

5 Responses to “Who Would Have Thought?”

  1. Connie,, It’s me Just a Mom, good to see your still writing and doing God’s work. no matter the road it’s all in your daily life that matters.

    I am managing an Assisted living home now, we have 10 residnets 8 have Alzhiemers/Dementia. I love them but now that I HAVE to work because of divorce life can be pretty hard. I am seeing these days that the road ahead is an open road adn only live one day at a tmie to the fullest.

  2. I was thinking about you! Praying you are doing well !

  3. I’m sorry I never responded. I have had so much trouble with my blog. Thank you for staying in touch. Hope you are well. I’m doing great

  4. Connie, so much has happened. Lessons are learned and life does thank God go on. I am now living in Michigan my home state.. my email is jayedewan@yahoo.com. I’m commenting with hopefully my phone I do not have internet right now. So been always thinking of you email if ya want. I hope this works as I got your post in my email.


    • Her Broken Wing Says:

      Hey jaye . I’m so sorry to just now, year later, responding. I was off my blog. I’ve been working with women in recovery and it’s been crazy. Im doing well. I am hopeful to get back to writing.
      Thank you for stopping by

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