Memorial Day–The Fight Is On

Today we remember those who fought… or served  our country. And I am forever grateful.

There is, however, some of us that are fighting a war daily–the war of addiction. I myself wake up each morning filled with gratitude that today I am living on the side of surrendered. Surrendered to my Heavenly Father.

This war is real. It rages on whether I am in active duty or not. The mind is always on guard to captivity stance. So it is important that I surround myself with those things that will protect me from a great fall.

Things such as God’s Word.

Friends that have walked this walk.

Professionals that truly understand the world of addiction without condemnation.

And a family that supports me.

Today, I give honor to those that have fought…and in memory of those that have lost that battle.

Beautifully Awkward

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