To Reclaim My Heart

Time passes and the honeymoon is over. The high of not being high has lapsed and now I must face life on life’s terms. They (those that have gone before me in their walk of sobriety) call it the “Roller-coaster” of emotions. But do I have to fall and falter to a low, or does the pendulum have to swing to the extreme?

Most days it does.

I am on a journey to find and reclaim my heart.

Through my addiction, depression and life’s journey, I have lost heart. And to lose heart is to lose everything. The geography of my core lies solely on where I have traveled. To lose my way as the elements chip away at my center — day by day reroutes my desires and my dreams.

It is not until I have lost my way, do I find my way— for in my heart is where my Savior rests in a deep love.

Beautifully Awkward

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