The Weathered Life

She came into the house from the cold. She dropped her old worn-out coat over the heater to dry it out from the dreary rain that continued to darkened the skies. She thought to herself, the weather was much like that of her moods these days. She looked around. The house was empty and smelled stale from its lack of attention  just like her own life.


When had it come to this? Why had it come to this?
She sat down in the old battered sofa that she had acquired from the side of a road. She figured she could fix it up some day with some nice fabric but for now it served its purpose. A place to sit and a place to sleep.
For a moment she would allow herself to go back in time. It started innocently enough. She had been sick. The doctor gave her some medicine for the pain. And for the first time in her pathetic little life, she felt good. The world went away, the pains and all its worries followed.
Where did she cross the line?
Who defines pain anyway? Physical, emotional, even spiritual?
When did she cross the line of her physical sickness into emotional and then into spiritual?
When did she become an “Addict”?

 With each pill, she gave up a little piece of her soul. With each high, she lost one more endearing part of her life. Eventually she was left barren. She had sold her soul to the Devil.
But that was not enough, she would begin to take parts of their life, too. And she did. Their lives were shattered in the path of her destruction.
 Now in a barren home–she would start over after many years living like a caged animal.
Only through Mercy would she come to Him.
 Beautifully Awkward


4 Responses to “The Weathered Life”

  1. I am a bi-polar recovering addict writing a fourthstep/tenth step blog. Could ou please help me and read thru my entries and offer comments?

  2. Thank you for your blog. My husband is addicted to prescription drugs. It has torn our family apart.

    • I did try to reply on your blog but had problems… let me know how to and I will…

      I am so sorry for your pain… I have been fortunate that my husband has stood by me… I celebrate on year sobriety this week… it has not been easy but it has been very rewarding. God has brought me to a higher place of worship with him and my family…
      you are right it does not discriminate. i thought I was above this…boy was I wrong. i will be dealing with this the rest of my life.
      I’m proud of you for talking about it and not hiding it.
      i will be interested to see how you weather this storm
      God Bless
      Beautifully Awkward

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