The Wrinkle Effect

The other day I put on a white shirt and white shorts as if to represent a new purity… It had begun to rain. Slowly at first the rain trickled. I stepped outside into the rain. I looked up to the Heavens. Soon the Heavens tears embraced my body. I felt the warm drops against my skin as the drops slid gently off my flesh.

I could smell the rain. It was like that of the Morning Sea.

I stuck my tongue out and tasted the freshness of the Heavens—Light and refreshing as manna from my Abba.

And then the burdens of Heaven came bursting forth– The downpour of the Spirits as they sang in harmony– A symphony of celestial music undefined by the human ear. I swirled in the rain and danced with my Abba.

Cleansing…the waters whispered sacredness too intimate to reveal… a silver shine of the tiny drops reflected my soul. I dropped to my knees. The grass sang a song of praise to the Heavens.

Why haven’t I heard this before? For too long I had run from the pureness of the cleansing rains.

I realized then that I may have never known the raindrop on my face, my flesh, or the deepest place of my heart had I not danced in the ecstasy of that moment.

I studied a puddle of rain and watched as the droplets created a ripple effect that reached the far ends of the waters.

Such as my life – What type of wrinkle have I caused in other’s lives?

Beautifully Awkward

2 Responses to “The Wrinkle Effect”

  1. Precious one, you greatly wrinkle my life with inspiration. Be blessed.

  2. You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands! – Isaiah 55:12

    I think that all of creation praises the Creator. Most of the time, it is beyond our comprehension. Then, in these singular moments, we catch a glimpse of the…amazingness that is so easily ignored.

    Be blessed.

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