I Can Fly

Broken, shattered and battered no more—it’s a choice.

I can fly…I take one small leap and I am flying above the clouds as free as the spirits surrounding me. I reach up and grab a piece of a white fluffy cloud.  I hold the cloud to my chest, it is a sacred moment. Spinning and twirling around in flight, I see my past, present and a glimpse of the future.

“I am free. “

I soar to a quiet spot and rest. There I hear the angel wings flap. They hear me pray. I hear them sing. I am at the foot of the Almighty. I cry a river of sorrow as He holds His hands out and catches my every tear. His tender touch lifts my face and smiles. No words needed. I feel His love.

“I’m not afraid.”

“The journey I have walked, You have walked too, You have been there. I see it in Your eyes—something I have sought all my life—understanding, hope, love sweet love so compassionate, so gentle and so warm. You know and understand what I am trying to say without me saying a word.”

“I want to go with You Father.”

Finally God Almighty speaks, “I am yours love.”

I can fly now–but only in the Hands of God.

Beautifully Awkward

One Response to “I Can Fly”

  1. Your words, like your heart, are so beautiful.

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