The Face In The Crowd



I passed you the other day on the street,,, you were quietly working, concentrating and really not paying much attention to the world around you. You didn’t see me looking at you. I wondered what you were thinking. Were you living with tremendous regret? Do you cry at night when no one’s around?  

Before today, I never thought twice about who you were–really. My life was different then.  

Street duty, again I thought as I drove by you. It’s a 100 degrees in the southern humidity today and rising. South Georgia is like that…Nats…I would die in this heart. I wondered how you were managing it.  

Before today, you would have been home with your family sipping something cold to drink. You would be flipping through the remote control trying to decide what to watch on TV. Maybe you would even take a nap sitting under the cool air conditioning.  

My mind continues to wonder–maybe as a child, we played on the streets together, kickball, I would guess. This is where all the kids would meet up and play without a care in the world.  

Or was it where you pushed me higher and higher on the swing? Were we best friends?  

Before today, you were just another face in the crowd. But now, you are someone who I pass and pause and wonder. For you represent something deep within a place I care to not go. I can’t face who I have become.  

Push me higher…I could hear the voice…  

But someone made you real the other day…  

I met your wife the other day…she told me all about you…. How you love the kids…and you were good to her… you just made a bad decision… you aren’t a bad person…you are someone.  

I thought about all this as I drove by you. And as I gazed out the window, I saw your face in the crowd of others. You are someone with a past and someone with a future. It was just one bad decision that caused you to end up here.  

This could have been me.  

This could be any of us.  

Fate, choice, destiny or our journey…. It’s just funny like that.  

Maybe from where we are now… someone else sees us the same way, we too could be just another face in the crowd as they gaze from their window…  

Beautifully Awkward  


2 Responses to “The Face In The Crowd”

  1. Wow, beyond powerful. Also, so very true. Bless you for sharing.

  2. Unless someone has been there we don’t normally think in these terms but very thought provoking and eye opening. thanks for the insight.

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