The Chosen

The Chosen

I was chosen to bear a “burden” of tremendous affliction. “How long must we walk this road”, I asked God?   And I believe I heard Him say, “Until your flesh is broken, when you are exposed to the raw nature of human purity. And there will be nothing left but you and Me.”

I have prayed for years to become intimately involved with God so that I would breathe His every breath. I dreamt that I would be a halo of light begging others onto me, pleading for a drink. In my arrogance, I would deliberate those worthy of my offering.   But somewhere the channels of reality were switched, and my life landed on a never-ending science fiction nightmare.  I mean, who would want this crap-of-a- life? Who would want to go through an experience such as this—living every second of life trying to figure out how to get “High”?

No one; and it is in that belief that I believe people–run. I don’t know if they consider addiction to be contagious or they fear their own weaknesses.

I wanted to be someone. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to stand out. Well, I made it. I definitely stand out now. “Have you heard about ___?”

So what’s next?

I like to hold onto the whole “I am going to help someone else” premise, and just maybe I will!! But I imagine it will be a byproduct of my journey, not the original intention. I think it will be much more than the superficial appearance of a great ministry. This brings me back to the belief that I was Chosen, chosen to become so profoundly enmeshed with the deepness of –God’s love and mercy.

I am more than honored to have been chosen for this journey, for not everyone could withstand the humility that reaches deep into the very core of a being. Exposing me for who I am.

Now– I am stripped of pride, stripped of arrogance, stripped of “I am better than anyone else” and stripped of my holier-than-thou attitude.  Oh yes, I was stripped down to my flesh of newness like that of a baby. Now I too will learn how to walk, talk and live again.

I have been given a second chance. I am one of the lucky ones. I get to start my life over and live a new life. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

I will soon meet myself. And I will ask…

Who am I?

I am Chosen.

One Response to “The Chosen”

  1. Beautifully written… YES, you are chosen and dearly loved!

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